Ways to wear the new Swatch SKIN

Swiss watchmaker Swatch has recently launched their thinnest line of timepieces aptly named SKIN, and I’ve been chosen to work with the brand to see how this new collection will fit into my wardrobe, and my lifestyle. Because they’re so thin, they feel like second skin and I am able to wear these watches without … Continue Reading

Swatch forays into serious watch territory with all-metal Sistem 51

I’ve repeated myself at least a hundred times here and on social media about what I consider a watch worthy of my time. First, it needs to be automatic, because I hate seeing (and sometimes even hearing) all that ticking. Second, the general consensus among connoisseurs favors Swiss Made pieces due to the country’s long tradition … Continue Reading

Perfect timing: Introducing Paul Smith’s timepiece collection

What do you like most about Paul Smith’s design language? There’s a lot to like about one of the most renowned fashion labels in the world, but if I had to narrow it down to the most noteworthy, I’d say it’s the intelligent, modern interpretation of menswear classics that always looks current and contemporary. It’s the … Continue Reading

The history of the NATO watch strap

Ever since Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington hit the mainstream some two years ago with its massive social media success (Hello, 2.2 million Instagram followers!), NATO straps have without a doubt been propelled back to ubiquity. A bracelet option that was previously known among only the most avid followers of the horology world, the NATO strap … Continue Reading

Alexandre Christie and my search for the everyday watch

I know I’ve preached a million times, on- and offline, about the necessity for us men to only put our money in high-end timepieces because really, other than sports cars and clothes, there’s not really much out there that us guys can indulge our dirhams in. Women have their diamonds and Cartier love bracelets and Bvlgari B.zero1’s among … Continue Reading

Swatch invites you to #POPITUP

POP Swatch, the timepiece collection known among the watch novice and connoisseur alike, is making a big splash this month as it stages a much awaited comeback after over two decades with a brand new range of eye-popping designs. Known for its versatility, the POP Swatch is able to transform into a pocket watch, a desk … Continue Reading

Getting on the #ModernTrail with Timberland’s watch collection

For the longest time, we’ve had this idea of Timberland as an outdoorsy, forest hunter type of brand. While that segment remains an important part of their seasonal collections, the New England house is changing up its image to appeal to a more urban, more youthful millennial market with its #ModernTrail campaign. Rather than the typical … Continue Reading

Spending time with the Huawei smartwatch

As a true-blue watch snob, I have very strict criteria on what kind of pieces eventually make it to my collection. I’m an avid collector of vintage Swiss-made timepieces, so I’m not very easy to impress. Without even looking, I automatically say no when someone who’s not exactly learned in the art of horology tells me … Continue Reading

Watch of the Week: Movado 1881 Automatic

If you’re looking for a watch with heritage and horological cache but don’t want to spend the next two years’ worth of your salary, the mid-range market is a good place to start. You can find a lot of Swiss names, all with brand histories going back to the 19th century, which offer quality pieces … Continue Reading