How to Bokeh: Getting that background blur in your photos

“How do you make the background blurry in your photos?” I’ve been asked this 200 million times on Instagram so I figured it would be more efficient to address this question through a blog post rather than replying to individual messages. Indeed, that background blur, or what the photography community usually refers to as bokeh, … Continue Reading

Dos and don’ts of editing your Instagram images

Instagram is king of all social platforms right now. If it’s ever your intention to be respected for your visual artistry, Instagram is the medium to excel at for the sole reason that it’s the one that lets you process your images in exchange for the immediacy of others. This is not a debate of one … Continue Reading

Must-have photography gear for fashion bloggers

It’s already 2017 and believe it or not, some people are still thinking about entering the world of fashion blogging. Loads of industry people have already prophesied that if you’re not already famous, you probably never will be, but not all of us get into it just for the fame. Some, such as myself, are … Continue Reading

Dubai to Georgia: Tbilisi’s most photogenic tourist traps

I know I had already announced that I was going on a two-week trip to Schengenland on my social media platforms, but sometimes things do not happen as you we want them to. Just 12 hours prior to my flight to Prague, I found out that my photographer was denied a visa (damn Third World … Continue Reading

How to capture the Dubai skyline

We don’t appreciate it as much as we ought to, but Dubai’s skyline is one of the most interesting visages in the history of human civilization, and I’m not exaggerating. The novelty of it all does wear off the longer you live in the city, so it’s always a good idea take a step back … Continue Reading

10 tips for a better Instagram feed

With the fresh launch of Instagram Stories, the popular visual sharing app cannot be more relevant than it is right now. The new feature, just on its first day, is already predicted to eat away at Snapchat’s market of oversharing millennials, and has pretty much secured the future of Instagram for the next couple years, … Continue Reading

Photo Walk: Winter in Old Dubai

For anyone who’s starting out in photography, going out on frequent walks with a camera in tow is a great way to practice and develop your eye. We’re lucky to be living in Dubai, where the old and the new are beautifully woven into each other, forming one of the most visually interesting locales in the … Continue Reading