A day at Dentzz UAE

I’m not the biggest fan of getting dental work done. Maybe it’s the time, which I don’t have a lot of, or perhaps the idea of being “invaded”. Maybe it’s the gore flick The Dentist I saw as a child. But with all this in mind, I scheduled an appointment with Dentzz, a full-range dental … Continue Reading

10 things you probably didn’t know about perfumes

I recently met British perfumer Roja Dove at an exclusive blogger event where he explained his journey as an artist, from his beginnings to his latest fragrance launch. A charming and engaging storyteller, he spilled quite a few interesting facts that people outside of the world of perfumery probably didn’t know, and I just knew … Continue Reading

Tanning: A socioeconomic movement

“I’m thinking of getting a tan.” That’s one statement that garners a distinct reaction depending on who you make it to. These are the responses I received when I blurted it out to three different people.