The lowdown: EMS toning session at VLCC Wellness

Everybody in fitness knows that the body grows according to variable stimuli. These, in the modern high-tech world where movement is close to becoming optional, now come in the form of exercise. As we are all physiologically programmed to adapt, you put the human body under enough stress and it develops with all its biological … Continue Reading

Fundamentals of chest training

Ah, pecs. If there’s one muscle group that makes everyone stick to their workout plans, it should be the pectorals. I know I started my fitness journey for mostly aesthetic reasons, and that was to have a chiseled chest – not abs or arms or traps or whatever – to show off on the beach. … Continue Reading

5 workout tips for great arms

You’ve probably already seen this major announcement on Instagram, but in case you haven’t: I recently signed with Gold’s Gym UAE as one of the global fitness company’s brand ambassadors in the region! It’s a great honor to be chosen among the many, many fitness nuts in the country and I’m beyond excited to be working … Continue Reading

5 benefits of outdoor exercise

We’ve all had that feeling at one time or another. The sense of being tired of doing the same workouts within the same four walls of the gym. You’re not physically exhausted, but you mentally burn out just imagining going to the same place for yet another weight lifting session. This feeling leads you to develop a … Continue Reading

Guide to men’s swimwear: How to choose the right one for your body type

It’s Summertime again and every Tom, Dick and Harry is hitting the beach on the weekends. You’ve done your work in the gym, now how do you show off your beach body in the best possible way? Picking the most flattering swimwear for your body type is key, so read up on the following tips … Continue Reading

5 tips to staying fit while traveling

We all encounter this dilemma every couple months or so. You’re way into your daily fitness routine and suddenly, you find yourself packing for a week-long trip to Europe where the most calorie burning activity you’re going to engage in is walking for hours on end as a tourist. You forget the workouts that you … Continue Reading

Fitness trackers: Are they worth the hype?

I’ve never been a big fan of fitness trackers, so I never paid much attention to what appears to be an already established market for these devices. But I guess I’m a stubborn old man who has been missing quite a lot from the technology that these little gadgets offer. I recently worked with Jawbone … Continue Reading

Go hardcore with Strongfit gym wear

Brazilian gym wear brand Strongfit is now in the UAE market and I’m proud to be working with them as part of the fit fam! Strongfit carries workout clothes for men and women, with styles geared towards serious fitness athletes rather than the cutesy target audience of the active wear lines of sport superbrands. For men alone, they … Continue Reading

6 reasons you need the Jabra Sport Pulse wireless earbuds

Looking for a pair of snug earbuds to use while working out? Whatever your fitness goal – beach bod or Mr. Olympia – the Jabra Sport Pulse earphones need to be included in your shortlist. I’ve compiled six top reasons why you should get them.