Everybody in fitness knows that the body grows according to variable stimuli. These, in the modern high-tech world where movement is close to becoming optional, now come in the form of exercise. As we are all physiologically programmed to adapt, you put the human body under enough stress and it develops with all its biological wonders to cope.

But the operative thought in this rudimentary fitness logic is variability, which means if the body gets used to a fitness program, you will hit a plateau and stop moving towards your goals whatever they may be. That’s why besides your usual fitness routine, it’s always a good idea to explore other options outside the gym.

For this purpose, I went to VLCC, one of the most established wellness centers in the Middle East to try one of their slimming treatments – an EMS toning session. You may have already heard of the acronym, which means electrical muscle stimulation, technology that is used for a variety of purposes, from therapy and rehabilitation, to strength training, to weight loss. For someone who’s in the gym almost every day lifting weights and doing cardio, you wouldn’t think I’d need something like this, but I’m always looking for something to supplement my fitness regimen with technological advances – I’m very thankful that the center invited me to experience this treatment.

It was a pretty simple set up. You go into one of the treatment rooms, have one of the therapists apply gel and EMS pads onto different parts of your mid-section, and enjoy a full 45 minutes undisturbed, allowing you to use this time to get some much needed R&R from life’s daily stresses.

The way the treatment works is simple. With the electric pads applied to your abdominal muscles, the EMS machine generates electronic pulses delivered to your body through the conductive gel to tone your abs and lower black muscles. The machine gives your muscles contractions and vibrations in varying frequency and intensity, depending on the program.

It will start slowly, controlled, like a warm up. It then starts working towards a more intense period from about the 10 minute mark or so. It slows down again near the end of the session. During this time, if anything gets uncomfortable or too intense for you, the therapist is just button press away to change the settings on the machine. I didn’t have any such experience. In fact, it was quite a relaxing way for me to spend three quarters of an hour, clearing my head while getting a little bit of fitness done!

As for the results, I am sure it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect a 38-inch waistline to go down to a size 28, abs and all. But I did see quite an improvement. My abdominal muscles definitely felt firmer, cuts more visible, and a reduction of about an inch on the waist line. I’m sure with more of these treatments on a regular basis I will see more significant results – I can’t wait to go back and do another session!

Call in to make an appointment at any of the VLCC Wellness Centers near you. Check their website for more details.

If you’re already doing VLCC treatments and getting ready to show off those hard-earned results on the beach this summer, make sure to wear adequate sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage which can lead to irritation, sunburn and more serious conditions. VLCC Hydrophobic Sun Block Lotion SPF 50 gives you protection against broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. It is enriched with Raspberry Seed Oil which protects you from harmful UV rays and keeps your skin glowing. It’s also hydrophobic, which means it won’t come off when you hit the water, even when you sweat, and make sure that you’re fully protected.

vlcc hydrophobic sunblock

Disclosure: The author received product and/or monetary compensation to support this story.

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