I’m not the biggest fan of getting dental work done. Maybe it’s the time, which I don’t have a lot of, or perhaps the idea of being “invaded”. Maybe it’s the gore flick The Dentist I saw as a child. But with all this in mind, I scheduled an appointment with Dentzz, a full-range dental clinic based in Dubai, to meet their head dentist Dr. Karishma Jaradi and have a consultation on what they can do for my teeth.

Located on the 18th floor of Jumeirah Business Centre 3 in JLT, Dentzz is not your typical dentist’s office with drab interiors and a faint clinical smell that you can’t quite pinpoint what. The moment you enter the facility, you’re immediately reminded of a spa lobby. There’s a big reception area that greets you as soon as you come through the glass door. Posh couches line the waiting area, while the separate lobby for women offers a full view of the skyscraper district. The whole ambience is bright, with marble floors complimented by soothing yellow accents and earth-toned décor. It puts you into a relaxed mood, which can help you deal with the dentist visit jitters you might be having.

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“That’s the idea behind creating such an atmosphere that’s very unique for a dental clinic,” Dr. Karishma explained. “People usually have some form of apprehension about visiting their dentist so it’s our way of starting our clients’ experience on a positive note.” And she’s right. The interior did help me get rid of the nerves that I would usually get whenever I would visit someone in a lab coat. But a pretty lobby is not all it takes to get patients to open up, so to speak.

“People don’t realize half of the job of a dentist is building rapport with patients,” said Dr. Karishma. “Unlike most other medical procedures where you’re asleep only to wake up once it’s done, a dental procedure usually has the patient awake, and that can be very scary for some people. It’s our job then to make them feel secure and confident that they’re in safe hands.”

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And in safe hands they are. Dentzz is home to a number of specialists in the field, concentrating on various areas of the practice – including implantology, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, general and cosmetic dentistry. “I’m a general dentist so I know how to perform a lot of the services that we offer, say a root canal, however we have a specialist in house who can do a much better job at it because he does it day in and day out. Our strength as a dental clinic lies in having our services done by dentists who specialize in specific areas, and it through this roster of practitioners with very clear concentrations that we are able to offer a full suite of solutions,” Dr. Karishma added.

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From India where a total of six clinics are already open, Dentzz came to the UAE a little over a year ago and has since become one of the leading names in the business. “Business is really good considering the fact that we haven’t been here for very long. But because we’re not a start-up, we were able to transfer our knowledge and expertise not only in dentistry but also in the way the business is run from our experience in the Indian market. The dental needs are the same, teeth will be taken care of the same way no matter where anybody is in the world, so we’ve been able to replicate our success back home in this new venture.”

So for someone who doesn’t go to the dentist very often, what is the most basic procedure that Dentzz recommends? Well, for someone who maintains their teeth well with frequent brushing and flossing, Dr. Karishma suggests a cleaning once every six months as a minimum. Patients can also opt for a teeth whitening session. “You can go for teeth whitening if you want to lighten your teeth. The recommended frequency is about once a year,” she explained.

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For those who are concerned their teeth would become too white, the doc said it’s not an actual possibility to end up like Ross Geller on one episode of FRIENDS. “It’s not really possible to reach an unnatural level of whiteness on your teeth with just the whitening treatments. What you’re thinking of is veneers, which can really look odd if not done right. The maximum amount of lightness is to match the shade of the white of your eyes, you can’t go beyond that without it looking noticeably unnatural.”

On top of these two treatments, patients can be suggested any number of procedures based on what they are looking for, whether corrective or cosmetic. “We check the condition of their teeth and offer options based on their budget and how committed they want to be or can be to the treatment. We have a lot of advanced equipment under our roof, such as the CBCT 3D Dental X-Ray that not a lot of clinics out here have. This means that when we perform surgeries we can immediately check that we got everything right instead of having to do the scan later and getting the patient to go in for a second operation.”

That’s just one example of how Dentzz is implementing the latest state-of-the-art technology in treating patients. This, combined with the global expertise of their specialists, makes them one of the foremost dental clinics in Dubai. Overall, it’s been an amazing experience learning about Dentzz and the dental industry as a whole straight from the very lovely and very knowledgeable Dr. Karishma. I’m booking my teeth whitening treatment at the clinic very soon!

Visit Dentzz at 1806, 18th Floor Jumeirah Business Centre 3, Cluster Y, Jumeirah Lakes Towers or call +971 559998189 for more info.

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